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Help with Missing Info when Editing Door

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Hi all. I'm an old ArchiCAD user who recently switched back. I'm on ArchiCAD 19 currently.

I have an arched top door which seems to be missing one editable dimension. I can't get the height of the door leaf to "unlink" from the height of the door frame. I've attached a screen shot below. You can see in the elevation preview that the top of the door has a gap to the top of the frame.

No matter which dimension I edit (leaf size, frame size, RO size), the others automatically adjust so I can never get the door to fill the frame. It looks like I should be able to edit the vertical tolerance (shim space), but it runs off the top of the diagram and I can't find where to enter that tolerance. (The horizontal tolerances are both set to 0", and if I could set the vertical tolerance to 0" then I'd be all set....but I can't find where to set that tolerance.)

Any help???

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