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How to change colors of 3D cursor in 3D Window

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Hi, I'm very new to GDL programming and so far I have found it to be very fascinating and interesting.

Was just wondering if there's a way to change the color of the xyz cursor (the Object Making book calls it the 3D Cursor) in the 3D view window?

I understand that x, y and z should be different colors so that it would be easier to distinguish, but in my display somehow they are almost the same color.

Hope somebody could help.

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i don't know about that it would be possible to change.

So, it's a little funny answer, but if you write a "3Dcursor" macro and place it to the top of the 3D script as a Global and to the end as a Local 3D Cursor, it may help.
And of course you have to switch off the native 3D Cursor.

After you have used GDL for awhile, I doubt this will be such a big issue for you, particularly if you use some careful structured programming. Then it is always fairly easy to know where you are. After all, the axes are labeled as well as, sorta, colored.

The origin macro is a cute idea.

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As i recall you can also insert breaks in the code for debugging. I've never used it but I think the command is just BREAK. No arguments. There may be some other debug tricks that I'm not remembering. One trick I use sometimes is to throw in a simple
Block 1, 1, 1
or whatever to see where things are at.

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