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Cannot Sign In to LMT to Download Licenses on Windows Servers

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Affected operation system: Windows Server

When trying to sign in to Graphisoft's License Manager Tool (LMT) with a Graphisoft ID on Windows Server, LMT keeps waiting forever and does not let any user log in properly to download licenses.


Why is this happening?

Graphisoft's License Manager Tool's (LMT) sign in is based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. When the tool is not able to sign in users to their Graphisoft ID, it is most probably because Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Settings are enabled on the computer, which block Graphisoft's web content to be downloaded properly.

What do the Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Settings mean?

Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Settings Configuration is a feature by Microsoft, enabled by default on Windows Servers, which establishes security settings that define how users can browse the internet and the intranet sites.

This feature's target is to reduce the exposure of a server to any websites that might present a security risk for the customer.

For more details, we recommend consulting Microsoft's support page.

How to Disable IE's Enhanced Security Settings on Windows Servers

  • Open Microsoft's Server Manager application
  • Go to the Local Server settings on the left side of the application window
  • Select IE Enhanced Security Configuration - click "On"
  • In the pop-up dialog, check "Off" for both Administrators and Users
  • Click OK

If you wish to keep this feature turned on, you can temporarily turn off for the time you manage (Download / Upload) licenses to your company pool.



What is the future of this setting in newer server environments (not having inbuilt IE)?

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