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Civil3D surface (IFC) to ArchiCAD22

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Hello everybody!

I made a surface from LIDAR points in Civil3D. I convert TIN surface to 3D Solids and then save it to IFC format. I tried to open it with ArchiCAD22, but there is nothing. Just layer. IFC viewer opens my IFC file.
On the dropbox link is .dwg and IFC file if someone can help me.

Eli Chiasson
I don't have a solution to your question, but I did recently create a Mesh in ARCHICAD (21) from a Civil3D TIN.

I requested a LandXML file from my Civil consultant that looked like this:

I opened that file in Excel and used the Data Connection to create a table with only the X, Y, and Z data of each point (not Breaklines).

I then saved this in a TXT file of comma separated values, that looks like this:

Then in ARCHICAD I used the File > Interoperability > Place Mesh from Surveyors Data... and selected the above TXT file to create the mesh in ARCHICAD (check your tool default layers and settings).
Eli Chiasson
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Thank you for your reply. I have to do in Civil3D. On surface I will add roads. Is there a chance, that the coordinates aren't ok?

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