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Corrupted Education or Trial version license file in ARCHICAD 19

Gabor Almasi


Entered educational or trial serial is wrong and Corrupted education or trial version license file error message comes up after restarting ARCHICAD.


ARCHICAD can work only with 32 bit Java, and if a later version of 64 bit Java is installed ARCHICAD will automatically try to work with it but it fails. As a result the license file will be erroneously created.


  1. Uninstall the Java 64 bit from the machine so only Java 32 bit is left
  2. Delete the corrupted education.lic or trial.lic file from the ARCHICAD 19 folder
  3. Start ARCHICAD and provide your serial again



We are going to correct the problem and replace the already released installer packages available on the Electronic Delivery sites and on MyARCHICAD in a couple of weeks. Localized versions that were not released yet will be released with the fix already included.

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