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Network License not detected on client's end




I already set up my network license by following the instructions below, using the CodeMeter:

"Set Up the Server

After you have your server running and the CodeMeter driver is installed, start the server as described below:

All CodeMeter settings can be managed in CodeMeter WebAdmin. To start it: Open CodeMeter Center (from Applications or using the Start menu) and click on WebAdmin or simply open localhost:22350 on your browser.

To enable the CodeMeter server:

1.Go to Configuration/Network tab.

2.Check Run Network Server checkbox.

3.Do not forget to Apply the changes.

From that point, the server runs and shares licenses on the local network.

Important Note: Whenever CodeMeter is updated on your computer, you must restart BIMcloud Manager and BIMcloud Server. Failure to do so may affect backup/snapshot creation.

Client Side Settings

All clients on the local network should find the server automatically. In case this does not work (e.g. your server is in a different subnet, or you are connecting remotely through the Internet), then you may need to specify the server's hostname IP address. On the client:

1.Open WebAdmin.


3.Add the server to the Server Search List.

This field can have multiple entries; the client searches for available licenses in the specified order and only on the specified servers. Only when the list is empty does the client search for other available servers."


Automatically, the license was detected on other clients' computers. However after a couple of weeks, without changing the settings and configurations, the clients could no longer access the license.


Here is a screenshot of the server's configuration: 




Although the IP address of the server is added to the client's server search list, the problem still persists. And when they open Archicad, they're still in trial mode. 



CodeMeter Network Checklist
Server Side
1. Server has a static IP address, not a dynamic DHCP address.
2. CodeMeter Control Center displays CmDongle (physical key) or CmAct (software key) license.
3. Assigned local port (usually, 22350 for LAN and 22351 for WAN, but can be customised) is available and not occupied by any other software.
4. Firewall rules allow connection on the assigned port.
The specific firewall application depends on the operating system:
  • macOS users should check (if installed):
    • LuLu
    • Little Snitch
  • Windows users should check:
    • wf.msc — command to run Windows Firewall
5. Server has not restrictions for incoming license requests:
If you have enabled 'Advanced Mode Configuration' in 'License Access Permissions', check that 'Global access rules' allow access to the specific license.
6. Server has actual runtime installed
7. Reinstall CodeMeter Runtime with the 'Network Server' option enabled. Note: Archicad installation may have installed CodeMeter Runtime without activating the 'Network Server' option, so you need to reinstall the runtime. In this case, the CodeMeter installer will automatically create the required firewall rule (Windows).
8. Server shows remote connection attempts in server log:
  • Check the "Events" tab in the CodeMeter Control Center
9. There are enough free licenses available. The number of available license should be greater than or equal to the total number of active users.
10. CodeMeter license allows network mode. If your license is 'Local' one, ask your dealer to convert your license to 'Network' one.
11. Check Frequently Asked Questions about CodeMeter Networking at:
Client Side
1. Connect physical CmDongle to the Client machine to check if this key is acceptable by installed software (CodeMeter Control Center and Archicad itself).
2. Firewall rules allow connection to the Server on the assigned port (22350).
3. When you open the CodeMeter Control Center, there is a 'CodeMeter service is running' status message.
4. Open local CodeMeter WebAdmin Dashboard via CodeMeter Control Center (⌥ ⌘ W on macOS and Ctrl+W on Windows) or via direct link in browser:
Locate the white and orange round button with two arrows at the bottom of the page, press on it and you'll see 'Server found' with a list of servers found in your network.
  • If you only see `localhost (`, then no network servers have been found.
  • If you see your license server in the list, then select it and press 'Apply'.

Select serverSelect server




As an additional question: Are your license keys Network (NET)Type? Because all the mentioned stuff doesn't work with single licenses...

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10

@Nurbs wrote:

Are your license keys Network (NET)Type? Because all the mentioned stuff doesn't work with single licenses...

See #10 in my checklist:

10. CodeMeter license allows network mode. If your license is 'Local' one, ask your dealer to convert your license to 'Network' one.


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