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Perpetual Licensing Keys for Sale


We have downsized our business and have a couple keys for sale. This is a great option if you want to avoid their new monthly subscription based service (UPDATE: yes, you can still purchase a "new" perpetual license directly from Graphisoft). The best value comes if they are purchased before the next version comes out this summer. 


I have comfirmed with Graphisoft that the "Perpetual License" is transferrable to another company/person (Graphisoft will, of course, charge a transfer fee). 


Please private message me since we are not allowed to talk about fees on this forum.


Karl Ottenstein

To clarify for anyone seeing this advertisement... there is no requirement that new licenses be a monthly subscription.  That is only an option.  You can still purchase a perpetual license.


Also, the transfer fee will vary by country... and if the license being sold is not for your specific country's version, there may be a fee to change to a different localization.


Finally, at one time there was a requirement that along with the fees, the purchaser would have to purchase a one year SSA/ArchiPlus support agreement from Graphisoft as part of the transfer... which would of course include the upgrade to the next release.


As the OP notes, please do all of your research directly with the poster and your local Graphisoft sales representative to get a complete picture of fees - and do this all offline, not posting any further specific price information here.  🙂


If anyone knows any more information on the current, generic (no pricing) requirements for a license transfer, please share that here as there hasn't been a 'license for sale' ad for a while here.



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Thanks Karl! Yes, you are correct. Graphisoft still sells perpetual licenses, in addition to their subscription model


Here is some information that I have received from Graphisoft regarding License Transfers:

  • Graphisoft will charge a Transfer Fee to the purchaser
  • Graphisoft will charge for the one-year SSA/support agreement (I'm not sure how the subscription model works)
  • No upgrade fee if the license is the current version (currently 26 as of 5/9/23). I was told that 27 will come out sometime this summer (2023)
  • If the license is not current, Graphisoft will charge an Upgrade Fee
  • If a license is more that 3 (or 3+) versions old, the Upgrade Fee is much higher
  • Graphisoft will require a letter/email from the seller providing the name and contact info for the purchaser

I think that is all of the info that our rep provided to me. 


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