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AC27 MEP elements issues

Ket Yin

I recently opened an existing working file (AC26) in AC27 and apparently all the MEP elements (ducts, pipes, cablings) has been converted into an object instead of its respective MEP elements. This is a huge problem and I cannot continue routing or modifying those MEP elements because they are in an "object" state.

Does Graphisoft know about this?






I have read on another thread that the MEP modeler for ArchiCAD 27 has been completely rewritten with a new element structure, thus rendering pre-27 models incompatible.  While the pre-27 elements will be converted to simple objects, they are left on a virtual island of obsolescence.


To make matters worse, the MEP objects in 27 are currently not able to be scheduled. So much for utilizing the "I" in BIM!




Joe A.

ArchiCAD since 8.0



Don’t want to sound like a moaner but the 27 is begging to look like a quite disappointment. MEP right now doesn’t look really improved and the fact that it’s not compatible with 26 is just ridiculous. Can’t find any help on Graphisoft. Has anyone tried contact help desk? I guess we all be continuing work in 26 version for some time …. 

The inability to schedule MEP elements was reported during the evaluation release.  It was apparently noted as too big of an issue to resolve before the initial release! Interesting....


Here is your new software. Please promptly pay this amount.... Oh, by the way, do not expect to extract any relevant MEP data at this time!


Joe A.

ArchiCAD since 8.0

Dear all,


We understand that the recent changes to the MEP functionalities in Archicad may have raised concerns and some of you are not entirely satisfied with the new version. We genuinely appreciate your feedback and concerns, and we'd like to address these points to provide some clarity on our decision of restructure the MEP functionality in Archicad:

  1. Our main goal in revamping the MEP functionalities was to create a more robust and user-friendly design solution. We believe that with these changes, we can provide a more intuitive experience that will help you work more efficiently.
  2. Archicad has evolved significantly over the past 15 years, since the original MEP Modeler was introduced and it's crucial for us to adapt to these changes. This allows us to leverage the new features and functionalities that Archicad offers, enhancing your overall experience.
  3. The old MEP Modeler solution had limitations, and improvements often required workarounds. These workarounds could lead to performance issues, especially in larger projects. By updating the architecture, we aim to provide smoother and more reliable performance.
  4. While there were MEP-related features like labeling and scheduling in Archicad 26, they had limitations and were sometimes challenging to work with. The new architecture is designed to address these limitations and provide you with a more effective solution.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this transition to the new version. While it may come with some limitations, there are also significant improvements. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're committed to enhancing MEP functionalities to better meet your needs.


Please also note that it's not recommended to continue MEP projects started in Archicad 26 in Archicad 27. Your input remains essential in our ongoing efforts to optimize Archicad. Feel free to share your concerns and suggestions as we work to make it even better.

Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager

I appreciate that Graphisoft is committed to improving the functionality of ArchiCAD and MEP Modeler and the benefits that it affords to the user base.


The disappointed is the loss of production time for our MEP modelers.  What is a firm to do with this staff until the new version is released?  From the users perspective it really appears to be insufficient testing and a deficit in quality assurance before product release. What was the point of releasing an evaluation version of the software if the discoveries were not addressed?  An incomplete package is really useless for us.  The software will sit dormant until a complete package is provided...


Joe A.

ArchiCAD since 8.0


Thanks for your sharing your view! I'm grateful for all the comments and suggestion we have received during the Beta and Technology Preview periods and we also managed to solve quite a few bugs and implement a few improvements that time. I also understand that for some purpose, especially for serious MEP modeling the current solution is not up to standards. This is the reason that we are planning significant developments in an update before the next version.

Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager

Even for minor/simple MEP modeling this solution is an unreliable half-baked implementation and absolutely incomplete feature with no clear explanation of how to reasonably transition and no backwards compatibility. Listen to your users needs. Please keep your beta items in beta until they are actually complete in function.

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