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ArchiCAD Competency Challenge

Akos Pfemeter
Dear Archi-Talkers,

Have you ever been in a situation where you were questioned about your level of skill using ArchiCAD, and you have only your own words to rate your abilities? With Graphisoft's recently launched on-line testing resource, now you can measure your ArchiCAD knowledge against an authorized global standard. Please click on the below URL for details of our User Certification Program...
Akos Pfemeter
Director of Global Marketing
Andy Thomson
IMO - Questions ought not be written by GS - but by CAD managers, as we have expectations for performance, productivity and organization that even GS seems oblivious to...

Just because someone knows how to put together beam or room schedules, doesn't mean they are good modelers, or that they can construct a 'light' model (read polygon count) while still having a rich level of information, with the least amount of 2D cleanup, or how to keep libraries tidy, or troubleshooting common AC-related errors such as missing parts, intersection-priority and display-related issues, dimension preferences not 'saving' with views, etc, etc.

I can't tell you how lost most of our staff were when it came to properly setting up, exporting (DWG) or publishing a project - people that would be considered expert users since version 6. Also it (the test) seems entirely lacking in any kind of workflow-related questions, ie. what is the best way to organize a sheet of details, or how can one get the best, editable data into DWG format, including Titleblocks, etc. from AC/PM. Or what is the best strategy for representing several design options within a single archicad model?

Maybe some would consider these issues unrelated to the software itself, but I would beg to differ.
Andy Thomson, M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC
Thomson Architecture, Inc.
Instructor/Lecturer, Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science
AC26/iMacPro/MPB Silicon M2Pro
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I had to guess at more than a few of the answers (haven't used AC since 6.5) but still managed to eke out a 62%. The program's a lot "bigger" since then!
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The true ArchiCAD test for me is a bank balance. The higher the score there, the more competent you are at using the "tool" ArchiCAD.

Also the creation of more spare time with your family counts as bonus points.


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