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Creating vertical images to plaster onto the side of already created GDL objects


It's me again! This is a new slant on the seats in my project which WERE thankfully able to be inserted into my stadiums. The seat vendor was able to incorporate a circular piece of the stanshion for those seats that are on the end of the row that have a space to place a logo of 5 7/8" in diameter there. Before I start dragging copies of rows of seats all over creation, I thought it would be a good idea to place the logos on the ends of the rows BEFORESECTION OF END OF ROW LOGOS.pngSIDE 3D VIEW OF END OF ROW SEAT WITH SPACE FOR LOGO OB STANSHION.png I copy them. When I DO copy the rows from one row to another up or down how will I handle the change in elevation, the logo will be at a different elevation than the bottom of the seat and will probably have to be edited separately for each row. I also want to add a row number inside the logo using the 3D TEXT tool that will also have to be edited separately. I am trying to resist using the MORPH tool to create these logos because my project's polygon count is out of hand and slowing things down. In an attempt to have a vertical surface to create the logo plate I built a wall that can be seen in 3D as well as section, and tried to crop that wall into a circular shape to which I can affix the logos you can also see in the section snip shot. Another concern I have is that in one of my stadiums the logo is of The Babe swinging for the fences. I can not simply mirror the logo on one side of the aisle to the other side without turning The Babe into a righty. Can you advise me if I am going down the wrong path to get to the right solution?


I will be out of my apartment for most of the day, and thus away from my computer, I should return by no later than 4:00 PM Eastern. If you are able to install v22 by this afternoon you can send the link and start the session anytime after 4:00. Looking forward to working with you.

I am home now and open for business.



Might be best to arrange contact via Private Messaging.

Just click on the user name and then the big orange 'Send a Message' button.



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Is today finally the day we have our first session, please contact me some way so I can plan my day.




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