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Evaluations of Joints and base Tiles


Hello everyone, we need an evaluation of running meters of joints and base tiles. At the end, it must also be marked in color on the plan. In the beginning I created this with beams, but the evaluation via 3D length or length on the right and left was not correct. A zero value was even displayed in the case of overlaps (even at different buliding material /layer priorities). Now I have drawn everything as polylines and calculated it with Excel, which is useful, but I would like a 3D solution or the possibilty of an evaluation option of polylines...

Do you have other suggestions for such evaluations?




Screenshot 2022-10-17 095531.jpg


Evaluation of the 3D-Beam-joint:


Screenshot 2022-10-17 095620.jpg


Evaluations of the Polyline:


Screenshot 2022-10-17 095909.jpg


Thanks in advance!


Gerry Leonor

you can use the Railing Tool using the same profile you were using for the beams.

you can either have the Railing be Associative or Static.


if it's Associative, you'll have to be careful which slabs you're linking to & any keep an eye out if you're adjusting the extent of these linked slabs VS the un-linked slabs. the railing tool can get a little bit convoluted. if you leave it Static, it's treated as a polyline where you can have multiple nodes, except you can tag it with a label tool & call up the 3D length.


we use this method to quickly calculate escape distances.


you might even be able to schedule these & do a sum at the end to get a total linear meter calculation.

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Many thanks. That's a great tip I'll try!

A_ Smith

I have modified Dynamic-Polyline  a bit that sinceV6 made.

I didn't have time to test it thoroughly, so it's better for you to check it a few times.


Here is a link to base title 

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Thank you so much! I will try it out. 😁


I tried your two objects and found the right criteria via the library parameters and it works great! Thank you!

Screenshot 2022-10-24 120234.jpg


I also tried the railing tool and that works perfectly too!


Screenshot 2022-10-24 120801.jpg

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