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Fill / Cut Over ride.

Hey all,

Im new to archicad so i hope there is a simple solution to my problem.
I am drawing a project at an early stage and in the section where elements meet - a floor and a wall, a ceiling and a wall etc - there is a line showing between the 2 elements.
Is there a way to over ride this line so that the space in the walls and floor all appear as a white fill? (I know can override each elements fill with black which effectively does what i want but i want / need to have some walls filled in white to show new and old...)

Pic attached to show issue...

Any help for the newbie would be appreciated.

Ivor Hession


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You should read about Graphic Overrides. If you came from Revit, they are similar to what Revit's View Filters do.
You can create Graphic Override Rules which specify Criteria and Override Style. Elements meeting the Criteria will be overridden by the Override Style that can override Line Type, Pen, Fill Type, Fill Pens, and Surface.
Then you can create Graphic Override Combinations. Each Graphic Override Combination can be composed of any number of Graphic Override Rules.

Here is a Graphic Override Rule, which will override the Fill Type of all Walls, Slabs, and Roofs with a white background, and the Pen of the contours of these structures with a black Pen, with the resulting Section of a Wall-Slab intersection:

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Ahhhh yes Cheers,

I knew i was missing something and it would be to do with graphic over ride but just could not find the right angle of attach.

Ivor Hession


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