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How do you liquid waterproof a wall like this?


This is a partial cross-sectional view of a balcony.
Apply liquid waterproofing to the wall to a height of about 100mm.
To do this, you have to break through the structural wall.
I'm curious about how archicad does it.

How do you liquid waterproof a wall like this?

스크린샷 2023-09-21 010402.png

 in section

스크린샷 2023-09-21 011058.png

 in plan

AC27 on window 11
Tim Ball

Create a material with high priority, correct fill and colour. AC does the rest 

Tim Ball

AC26, iMac

User since V5

My question is what do you make it with? ^^

Since I don't speak English, I guess I wasn't good at conveying the exact meaning.

AC27 on window 11

I'm thinking about picking a wall.
Could it be wrong?
1. Liquid waterproofing is done by turning the wall downward/upward.
I did that in places where the liquid waterproofing was 1100mm, such as in the bathroom.
In this case, there is no way to enter by picking off the wall.
2. I'm asking this question because I think I heard someone a long time ago about processing with rail.
This is a question for experts: What is the best material to use for structural walls?
a. I think the object seems to have poor connectivity with the wall next to it.
b. Should I process it with beam?
c. Should I set it to wall or change the setting value in Layer from 1 to 2 and set it to SEO?

AC27 on window 11
mark reid rowland

try using the niche tool - under Windows - it's placed into walls like an opening and depth, height and width can be set along with surface colour

I am not from an English-speaking country.
I can't understand the current explanation using a translator.
I'm sorry, but I think I can understand if you explain the niche tool with images. ^^

AC27 on window 11

Are you talking about using this to open a wall and then reapply liquid waterproofing to the wall?



AC27 on window 11
mark reid rowland

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 14.50.27.png

  I was thinking the niche object could help - in the image

- 01 - Select the Library object called Wall Niche Rectangular

02 - set width and height

03 - set surface to show waterproofing

04 - set depth in wall



Thank you for your interest. ^^

1. I don't understand "03 - set surface to show waterproofing".
What should the wall liquid waterproofing and protective mortar that appears in the cross section be made of?
2. I excluded the object due to connection issues with other walls among the four walls.
The reason it is viewed as a wall, beam, and rail is because it considers the connection between liquid waterproofing and protective material.

AC27 on window 11
mark reid rowland

OK, I've misunderstood you, sorry. The niche won't help or won't represent the two layers at least. 


As Tim suggested above, a high-priority material using a morph (so no connection issues)for each skin - 1 waterproofing, 1 for protective layer would work better.


These would then cut away from the wall assuming the building material priority is higher than that of the wall

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