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Is Graphisoft actively doing anything about the shocking graphics & input lag of ArchiCAD 27?

Paul King

Under Windows 11, using a pretty high end Workstation with high end GPU with lots of gRAM, with even small residential scale projects, ArchiCAD 27 is still an absolute dog to use performance wise compared with earlier versions.


I could perhaps understand if this was a beta, or maybe a first release, but this issue has persisted through several updates.


Performance seems to get even worse when zoomed in, in both plan and 3D.  Sometimes literally seconds of lag occur - for example when holding shift while selecting (to constrain movement direction). in reasonably simple contexts without lots of objects on screen.  Hotspots are offset from actual geometry in 3D when zoomed in even moderately close,.  in 2D windows, black linework visually thickens and changes colour to red depending on orientation - harking back 30 years to the the way lines would change appearance on old NTSC CRT monitors.




Windows Task Manager often shows minimal CPU utilization while these lags are occurring, so my semi random guess is the bottleneck is in utilization of the GPU (despite its high specs) and is something to do with a poorly optimised OpenGL implementation


My reseller advised months ago that Graphisoft was aware of the issue - but things are still no better three versions/hotfixes later.   

Have GS lost most of their developers or just lost interest?


ArchiCAD 8-27 | Twinmotion 2023
Windoze 11 PC | Intel Core i9 10900K | Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080 | 32 Gb DDR3 | 2x4K monitor extended desktop

This DEF-16662 bug was mentioned in another post and related to the slow trace reference.

Does it also expand to this general lagging that is reffered in the current post?

Botonis Botonakis
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Archicad 27. Windows 11. Intel Xeon 2699x2,64 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080Ti. 2 Monitors.

Normally this behaviour of displaced hotspots and low graphics performance is caused by elements being very far away from the project origin. Can you check that is not the problem?

Archicad 26 ARM, MacBook Pro M1 Max 64Gb, macOS Monterrey.
In macOS things are no better, to move a normal morph object it takes a couple of seconds. I was hoping for updates, but nothing has changed

Yes, I have seen that before as well.  Accidentally had round columns placed waaaaaaaay off screen.  Took a long time to figure it out.

Robert Mariani
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The project origin is nearby.  What I did find on a hidden layer was some 2D linework (presumably imported from a surveyor by another user) that was fairly distant.

I deleted it, but did not notice any obvious improvement at the time, though am not currently active on that project.

Ordinary line work seems fine in 3D, so it seems to only be whatever subsystem is responsible for dynamic feedback that is affected.


Perhaps the fact that the distant elements existed at one time in the project is enough to permanently trigger rounding of the least significant bits in coordinates for the dynamic feedback subsystem? 


Either way, the dynamic feedback system I think needs a good overhaul - both for speed, and resilience , given that imported surveyor's info with distant origins or distant elements is part of nearly any architectural job.


This is also the case on any multidisciplinary job, where adherence to an agreed universal project origin between disciplines and BIM/CAD systems is important - local origin workarounds to reduce memory requirements should no longer be required , given that nowadays we all run 64 bit machines, with minimum 16/32 GB RAM.  


Perhaps there could be a 'legacy coordinates memory usage' tick box for those that don't need it?


ArchiCAD 8-27 | Twinmotion 2023
Windoze 11 PC | Intel Core i9 10900K | Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080 | 32 Gb DDR3 | 2x4K monitor extended desktop

Just checked. We are still in the RAM limbo of 12gb.

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