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Saving building as object!?

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This is actually a follow up on a previous thread, but in order to make the subject more viewable for others in the same situation I posted a new one.

In order to combine different files into one presentation on a site, I need to save each building as an object. However when I do this using the Marque tool, selecting all stories (the thick one), then saving the selection as an object; the object that is created is only based on the story that was active. How do I make an object of the entire building, showing all stories?

I really appreciate any help on this! Tomorrow is deadline and I was really hoping to avoid photoshoping it...

Thanks all

Have you tried using a selection of everything in the 3D window and THEN saving it as an object?
Dwight Atkinson

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Apparently, one can save an entire project as a library part from the plan
by going to file>GDL object>save project as.....
When you tried to save the project from the 3D window
you may have used the "thin" marque rather than the "fat" marque.
The thin marque only shows the elements that are
on the story showing in plan.
Peter Devlin

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When saving objects from the 3D window make sure your view is a top view. Set this in 3d projection setings

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Don't forget to turn off the furniture and plumbing fixture layers (and anything else you don't need inside the buildings) before saving as library parts to lighten up the model. I am assuming that you only need this for exterior shots, so the interiors can be left out.

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