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Template File Importing Other Attributes

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I've been working on a template file for our office and have put a lot of effort into fixing the attributes. I haven't opened it in a while but now when I open the .tpl, it has imported attributes from other files. It has completely changed my layer combinations and layers to what is being used in other projects, readded profiles and composites that I've deleted, etc.

No one has touched my .pln's of the templates and no one would even know how to create a new .tpl from those .pln's. Previously, a template file for the office would just have been the last project copied and pasted for the new project. Since I was brought on 5 months ago, I've been working to create a .tpl file to use which has already greatly decreased the amount of issues they we were having.

Is there any way to figure out why other project's attributes are being imported into the template and how to stop it? If there is nothing I can do to fix it, how can I keep this from happening in the future? Create .aat files of all the attributes? Keep my work on a flash drive and only save a .tpl to the server when a new project begins?

We use ArchiCAD 18 and CadImage. I fear that CadImage could be the issue because I've talked with someone else that says she is having an issue with CadImage importing into her .tpl's also.
Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
My reasoning is that in step 2. ARCHICAD tries to correct the data structure of pasted elements, if it detects it is corrupted.
So then in step 3. you are now copying elements with correct data structure.
This is why you have to do the copy-paste twice so by the second time you hopefully got rid of corrupt data since ARCHICAD fixed it in step 2.
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On our BIM Server we keep an empty template made by Masterscript for when I want to access a Module file and be 100 percent certain no extraneous attributes are imported into the module.

You can download it here
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There has been a strange phenomenon of some mysterious libraries appearing for no evident reason into many projects for some time now. Today I decided to investigate this.

I'm so glad I stumbled into this thread. I'm seeing the behavior Laura described in my office. Steps to reproduce include having an "infected" file and pasting a simple 2d-line in plan view into a clean file. (AC19 FIN)

Seems to work across versions, too, so that copying from AC19 "infected" into AC20 clean also infects the clean file.

Has this issue progressed in any way towards a solution?

EDIT: While playing with this, I also noticed something even more weird; In the infected file, if the element I copy has a renovation status which is not visible on the target (clean) file, pasting into the clean file produces a notification along the lines of "cannot paste element that isn't visible in current renovation view". OK, all fine. The weird problem is that 1)while nothing gets pasted, the failed paste-operation still brings the mystery libraries into the clean file, and 2)the imported mystery libraries cannot be removed from the project. At all. Removing them in the library manager seems to work normally, but the next time the library manager is opened the libraries are again there.
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