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"Simple" Cedar Fence


I have used Archicad for some time and fell proficient in most aspects. When it comes to the railing tool, I am reduced to frustration. I am an engineer and this tool and I do not think the same.
I was attempting a simple wood cedar Fence.

  • The flat cedar pickets will not start at the posts
  • Most often if a new length of fence is draw, there are also gaps between the inner posts.
  • The corners are also not closed.

Cedar Fence.jpgPXL_20230604_010519499.jpgPXL_20230604_010503245.MP.jpg

I share your frustration about that rail tool myself and it could definitely be improved.


Are there any of those fence types in the object library that may help you ?


I created my fence using an invisible wall with columns for posts and the CI coverings tool for cladding and rails. You could probably use beams for rails too ?

Anyway that was my method others may be able to help you out.


Have Fun !

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I would probably model the posts seperately. In doing this your posts and inner posts become your slats and it is easier to adjust the spacing.

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You may be happier with the "Fence Vertical 26" object shown with no posts, and adding posts manually.

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