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My Graphi Story: the middle and high school library

masanori tasaki


Masanori Tasaki

I first encountered Archicad 1 year and 4 months ago when I received a request from a sales representative asking me to support the library's plan cooperation with BIM. Until then, 3D data was converted to 3ds data with 3dsMAX and sent to the design office. Until then, BIM had repeated setbacks after studying Revit a little.

Luckily, I was able to have time to study independently due to the influence of corona, such as working from home. I installed a trial version of Archicad last May. Self-study using YouTube.

I completed the furniture proposal for the middle and high school library using the trial version without any setbacks.

* We also replaced the memory and CPU on our home computer.

I remember having a lot of fun. It is completely different from Revit. We were able to examine furniture plans and interiors with intuitive operations.

The person in charge of the design office who requested it for the first time was extremely kind, and when I sent the library plan once arranged as .pln data, there was no data. It didn't work even after repeating it 2 or 3 times.

However, there is a person in charge of design who is gentle there! I suddenly asked for .BIMx. in the beginning

I didn't understand well, but Mr. Tomoshige, who is in charge of sales at Graphisoft, was a good person, and he listened to me as an amateur, and gave me excellent technical support. I was able to upload my first .BIMx without any problems.

I have created 250 GDL objects of the Hirayu model library furniture series in one year from the project I sent this time. Again, I made three big mistakes. I managed to complete it on the 4th time.


I can't forget that feeling anymore. I'm already impressed and have a desire to be able to use more software. Already, although it is a used book, I have purchased five Archicad books. Even now, when I have a little time, I practice BIMx operation and study and review on the YouTube technical site.


"The best study than daily study is practice." I'm waiting for bim's work to come soon. I am grateful to have come across such a wonderful BIM software.


1F カフェテリア.png1F_カフェテリア02 (1).png1F_カフェテリア03.png2F ラーニングコモンズ.png2F 会議室01.png2F会議室02 (1).png7F 図書館01.png7F図書館02.png7F図書館03 (1).png

2F会議室02.png2F ラーニングコモンズ.png1F_カフェテリア03.png1F_カフェテリア02.png7F図書館03.png2F 会議室01.png7F図書館02.png1F カフェテリア.png7F 図書館01.png