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Any ongoing work for the Forum UI?

Mats Knutsson

Still extremely hard to use the forum because the enormous amounts of white space and lack of structure... I thought the vast amount of comments and good suggestions that followed the UI change would result in something useful. I spend quite a lot of time on various forums and this one is by far the most confusing (in a bad way). Sorry. /Mats


Well yes, an idea/wish/roadmap functionality that isn't backed up by a clear and proven commitment to user centric development is useless. And can such commitment currently be found from GS? No - instead we have this generic mission statement welcoming us to the roadmap:


Our mission of empowering teams to design great buildings continues to evolve. As industry priorities shift and building designs become more complex, Graphisoft is working hard to develop innovative solutions that meet your growing needs,while maintaining quality and service levels you’ve come to expect over our 40-year history.

Not even the idea pool description mentions users...

  • Idea Pool: all ideas that we think are worth future consideration

So its quite tragicomic that Dataiku was brought forward by an official account as an reference for good Khoros implementation when it is their commitment to user centric development that GS should replicate.

And as a freak coincidence I stumbled on this 20 year old post  Graphisoft's involvement. 


Dear ArchiCAD Talkers,

Your opinion on what directions ArchiCAD should be developed in the future is very important to us. This is why we set up a "Wishes" section in ArchiCAD Talk and now we are happy to see that it has become one of the most frequently visited section of all.

We would like to encourage you to keep on discussing the proposals and we would also like to assure you that we continuously read the forum and gradually process your wishes. We also encourage you to use the poll feature of the forum (in accordance with Djordje's announcement: http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=757 ) to show us how important you think a possible new feature is for you. Based on the result of the polls we intend to make a list of the most wanted wishes and keep it updated regularly.

Guess they dropped the ball on that one...

@Claudius wrote:

That's odd because I get individual notifications on my community notification page for every individual reply/mention and clicking on those notifications take me directly to that reply. Do you see the same on your end?

Mentions, likes and solutions all seem to list separately in notifications.

But replies to posts seem to accumulate with "So-and-so and 3 others replied to topic".

The link takes you to the last post rather than the first unread reply - that may be because I am in threaded mode (I like threaded🙄).

But I don't use the notifications, as I use the unread post list and that takes me to the first unread post.



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@Claudius wrote:

Quote behaviour

We're looking to add a "select message part to quote" functionality as initial investigation shows it should be doable pretty easily. I was also wondering for your insight in what behaviour you would prefer when using the "Reply" button next to a message. Should it prefill the editor with a quote of the message you reply to or start with an empty editor?

Well there is a difference between quotes and replies. Using a reply button should not automatically involve a quote but is used to create a backreference to a post as it currently does through "in response to". However, currently it is very disruptive and unclear to use the back reference as it reloads the page, closing any open editor and scrolls top to bottom to the place of the referenced post - leaving no indication as to which post it is. Doesn't help that the fixed banner hides the header of the referenced post. This could be solved by a floating editor and/or having the referenced post showing in connection to the reply as a dropdown/popup to the "in response to". Most of the time first level reference is enough but I guess this could be expanded and turned into "vertical threads".




Going with linear mode it can be questioned if it should be possible to just reply to posts or if referencing should be done through quotes - making things simpler. Currently quotes inserts a reference to the author but adding a reference to the post creates a proper backreference. The reply button should then be replaced by a quote button that naturally prefills the editor with the quoted post. Partial quotes should be done by selecting text in a post, getting the ability to insert it in editor as a quote. This works very well at the Enscape forum (powered by WoltLab) where it also is possible to save quotes to a clipboard while reading from which they later can be inserted in the editor.

Agree, that is a definite example of what I don’t want. All you can see are green bubbles…

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The Reply button should not prefill, UNLESS part of the post is highlighted, and if you have an active reply, the Reply button should become a Quote button.

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Community Manager

Thanks all for the additional feedback on the behaviour of the "reply" buttons. I'm taking away that I really should just open the message editor but not combine with a quote action of the message it was originated in. The additional features of turning all reply button to quotes once an editor is open as well as a "quote clipboard" sound quite interesting, but much more complex to build on the existing editor framework. I'll have to park those until next year before reviewing closer .

Claudius Henrichs
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@Claudius Please can you also remove the irritating & disruptive profile popup that was added recently and appears when the mouse catches the user name...


If I want to know this information I will go to the user profile.

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Or maybe limit it to just when you float over the profile pic... but nix it when floating over the name.

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Hi all, do we really have enough time to OCD about the forum structure ? Would GS conclude that the software is working well enough that we have plenty of time to waste here ? I certainly don’t. I am here to learn how to use AC and to get help using it, like all of us do. And to ask for things to make the software better or easier to use. Apart from that the forum is ok and yes it could do with some tweaks. We need to get back to work to figure out other issues with the software working correctly first. All good fun but not worth OCDing about lol !

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