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Forum UI wish: Pinned posts are hard to see.

Mats Knutsson

The small padlock is too subtle. Pinned posts should be coloured or mor clearly emphasized.

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Mats,

Thanks for your feedback. I add this idea to our backlog, it seems to be something we can solve short term. Will notify you when we have an update on this.


Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin


Or, like in the old forum, have a divider between them and the start of the standard posts.

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So it seems the update is live and although the gray background makes it stand out better - the animation effect is unnecessary distraction. Also - the annoying badge popup doesn't float properly but introducing a scroll bar which is another distraction and also has a negative effect on scrolling the board as it gets "stuck".



The March Community update went live an hour ago, yes. Great spot. The blog post detailing the changes is in the pipeline for release.


Thanks for providing your example with the screenshot. I've only seen the pinned topic on the actual forum board page, e.g. - I will fix how it looks like in the activity page. Most likely I'll remove the pinned styling there as it's not necessary in that context.  

Claudius Henrichs
German Community Manager
Leipzig, Germany

The erratic scrollbar on pinned topics should be gone now. Thanks again for the quick report.


And here's the blog post detailing all the changes in this community update: Graphisoft Community Update 2024.2 

Claudius Henrichs
German Community Manager
Leipzig, Germany
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