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Archicad26 wall addon GDL internal ribbing


Now you create a multi-layer wall as a lightweight wall without an inner insulation layer, but with an air layer in between. The add-on creates an inner ribbing with C-profiles (profile-manager-profiles you can draw yourself)  or wooden profiles - depending on the opening dimensions of the wall openings and the wall ends, which can be adjusted. The position of the ribbing in the wall can also be adjusted. You can see it in the 2D view, which can be moved and rotated - or switched off.

Prospect for continuations: Mass determination of the bars could be added as a list.

What is not possible: - overlapping or superimposed wall openings create nonsense.
You would have to create 2 walls on top of each other.

the whole thing is relatively newly scripted:
Internal ribbing for a wall with Profile Manager profiles with sorting of the openings and dimensions in elevation including insulation struts in between for GK representations.

To try out AC26EduAut - Archive:ür%20Wandaddon%20innere%20Verrippunge...


until i have time for an english version - her in german:

Video for internal ribbing 




Really impressive @Hmooslechner ! Congratulations on these objects, they bring so many new capabilities to the conventional Archicad workflow! 
It is a pity, as you say, that Graphisoft doesn't integrate this Accessories addon into Archicad and update its capabilities! It has a lot of potentials! 
Thanks for sharing it!


I agree with @jorgebeneitez  about being so very and really impressive!  

The whole community knows it's a shame that none of these Accessories are added on or even work; it's asinine to even continue to have them as a downloadable option but then say we are not going to develop them further.  I would rather they not even be seen with each version, if you're not going to do nothing with them stop allowing them to be downloaded. 


 @Hmooslechner = James Bond of PARA-007!!!

Watching these videos is like watching MacGyver using is Swiss-Army Knife!  


Now I see 100% I have to learn GDL (because we all are wasting our time with hopes and dreams and some wish list) some time ago I bought many books and started learning the basic GDL; but the firms I was involved with at the time did not care or saw the potential or the value in GDL - so after while I stopped.  It was an insulate to me after watching the SSA PARA-O content, then watching all of your videos I am really questioning why you @Hmooslechner  was not showing me how to use PARA-O in my SSA and teaching me how this tool is to be used!  On behalf of the community we would all give you are SSA $'s to be the PARA-007 Professor of the SSA learning.


Thanks for sharing @Hmooslechner and after watching all of your videos and looking at your all of your entries I declare you the the winner! 


- Below should be the GRAND PRIZE! - 


Apple Mac Pro:

Processor: 2.5GHz 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, Tubro Boost up to 4.4GHz

Memory: 1.5TB (12x128GB) of DDR4 ECC memory

Graphics: Two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo with 64GB of GDDR6 memory each

Storage: 8TB SSD storage

w/ Apple Afterburner





Thanks for the flowers! ParamO is far from the possibilities of GDL. If Graphisoft decides to develop ParamO to the level of GDL, then i will spent my time on it - not now.


And - by the way - GDL is not yet develop't to its possible perfect endpoint...


Just - an idea: Labels can can be assigned to other elements and get access to the datas of these other elements - and they are GDL as well.:


Why not open Labels to 3D?  So- such goodie-addons like these i used here, would not be necessary any more..


Looks amazing!  And what Archicad should do out of the box.


Can it deal with corners yet or would you just use it separately on each plane of the wall?




Can it deal with corners yet or would you just use it separately on each plane of the wall?


in Vid - on 1:20 - i made it manually editable with a hotspot, because automatics won't work with connections to structural other walls - i have tried it.

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