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Hotlinked Modules

ARCHICAD provides two basic methods for sharing/dividing BIM project data among a team of architects: Teamwork method for sharing projects,Hotlink method for dividing complex projects into smaller parts. These two methods are most effectively used in...

Story management of Hotlinked modules

At Elements' Elevation you can choose out of two options: 1. Adjust Elevation to Story Structure of Host Project choosing Adjust Elevation to Story Structure of Host Project will place the elements of the source file according to the Stories of the h...

Attribute Management of Hotlinks

General Attribute management concepts When hot linking a Module file into another file, the necessary, but not all attributes (layers, line types, complex profiles, etc...) of the source file will be appended to the attributes of the host file. This ...

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Hotlink Duplication

Affected version: 13 and newer | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 100374 Issue In the Hotlink Manager, duplicated Hotlinked Modules are visible. CauseIf two users place the same Hotlink file in TW from different platforms, this will duplicate th...

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Multistory Hotlink Modules

See also: Hotlinked Modules. Multistory Hotlink Modules can be used, for example, to compare the different designs of a building easily. In our example we are working with Elizabeth Tower project, designed by Andrea Horvath and Kiss Iosif-Andrei (win...

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