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Far From Origin - Troubleshooting Guide

You can experience loss of precision or malfunction if the project is located very far from the Archicad Project Origin, e.g. according to standards in certain countries or while importing a DWG. From the nature of floating point number representatio...

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New Bug Reporter for Archicad 24

With Archicad 24, the Bug Reporter went through a big overhaul in terms of design and functionality. This article will introduce the function of the Bug Reporter and what's new from Archicad 24. What is GRAPHISOFT Bug Reporter? GRAPHISOFT Bug Reporte...

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How to collect Event logs/Console logs

Normally, users rarely have to deal with the Event logs and Console logs. The Technical Support team will only ask for them in some rare situations. What is Event logs/Console logs? There will always be a tool for collecting messages from application...

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Archicad FastLogger Files

What is the FastLogger folder?FastLogger is a folder created by Archicad and related tools, in which binary log files are written while the program is running, in order to help with troubleshooting. The size of the folder will be a maximum of 100 MB....

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New and Reset All

The New and Reset all command is a useful way to troubleshoot minor issues you may be experiencing in ArchiCAD. Important! - Preparation 1. Save your open project(s). 2. Store and export your current Work Environment. Steps 1. In ArchiCAD, hold down ...

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Preferences Cleaning with Prep Steps

ARCHICAD saves ‘Preferences’ and ‘Work Environment’ files on your computer to ensure you find your own customized environment next time you start ARCHICAD. In rare cases these files can become corrupt, leading to issues within ARCHICAD. In such cases...

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