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Crash when clicking on Browse… button in the Start ARCHICAD 23 dialog

Boldizsar Vermes

Affected versions: ARCHICAD 23 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 265453


ARCHICAD 23 crashes right after clicking Browse… button in the new Startup Dialog. Though, in general, other buttons like New… or Teamwork… work well and all projects can be opened from the File Explorer by double-clicking on them.


In some cases, accessing the content of a template file from a previous ARCHICAD version can fail. A template file is necessary for the Browse function to work. If accessing the template file is problematic the Browse function cannot continue and ARCHICAD crashes.


Re-save your template as an ARCHICAD 23 template file and make it the recent one as described below.

  1. Open your template by double-clicking on it in the File Explorer and save it in ARCHICAD 23 as an ARCHICAD Project Template.
  2. Open ARCHICAD 23 after it, click on New… button in the Startup Dialog and browse your re-saved template from the New Project dialog first dropdown. Open a new project using this template which makes it the recent one.


The defect causing this kind of crash has been fixed in ARCHICAD 23 Update 40xx.

As a good practice, you should use up to date templates. Up to date templates are important for migration processes and for performance and stability reasons.

If you have any trouble with this topic or the workaround does not solve your issue, please contact your local GRAPHISOFT support representative for further support.

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