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Length of MEP pipes


Hi All,


Is there any chance of obtaining the length of MEP pipes? Currently, I am using a balustrade to draw UFH pipes and electric wires, but perhaps it is time for this software to evolve after decades and become a true BIM?

Could someone possibly add a line of code to the new multi-bend pipe to provide a 3D length for schedules?







In AC27 Update 2 you can schedule the length of MEP elements see screenshot attached for reference.






I do not have MET objects in the Schedules even if I have MEP license. Can you help, please?


Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 17.15.38.jpg


Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 17.17.09.jpg

Is there any chance that the patch was only for USA? I have UKI 4060 FULL and it says 'up to date'. Thanks

The update is available for UKI.

But it is a 'preview' so will not show when you check for updates, unless you have enable the checking for previews in your Work Environment (or when you installed Archicad).


Use that link to find the update and be sure to select the correct language and OS version.



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Anything for Macs?



Sorry found one

Hi again,


It is not working as expected. It shows only a horizontal length, not a total one.

Attached is a screenshot with two balustrades imitating wires with the total length

and two with MEP length. I need a parameter of the pipes in total:

horizontal, vertical and bends as any underground or underfloor heating flexi pipes

in the building are a one-piece, ordered in linear meters and as one element in 3D.

Maybe try to use code from the balustrade to work it out as it works and gives me

real lengths e.g. for UFH.



Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 09.38.53.jpg

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