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Type tag is missing when joining a project with Archicad 24 build 40xx

Nikoletta Csak
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Affected version: Archicad 24 build 40xx | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: DEF-2771


In the 2nd update of Archicad 24 a new issue tag called Type was introduced to improve issue handling. However the new tag won't be visible in projects that have been shared with Archicad 24 build 30xx, not even if you join them with build 40xx.


To provide for the new data element, conversion code on projects saved with build 30xx was necessary. However once the project had been shared, this conversion code was circumvented and not run.


If you have a project saved in build 30xx, but haven't shared it yet, you can avoid the problem by only sharing the project after your Archicad 24 has been updated to build 40xx.

If your project saved in build 30xx has already been shared, and you updated your Archicad 24 to build 40xx, please save the project as a PLN and share it again with build 40xx.

If you have a project that appears like it has been saved with build 40xx, but it is still showing the issue, please follow these steps:

  • open the project with build 30xx
  • save it in that build -» this way the file's version will change back to 30xx
  • open the project with build 40xx and share it


This error is planned to be fixed in update 3 for Archicad 24.

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