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walls not visible in main file with hotlink


I have a problem with the visible and not visible walls in 2 different files. I have 2 different files because i have 2 design with different storey settings. Therefore I created a hotlink between those files. When i put the my hotlink in the main design, the walls become not visible but the interior is. I have looked into the layer setting but everything is the same. On the ground floor and 3D views is everything what is supposed to be. But in the other storeys the walls become not visible.
How can i solve this?






Ricardo Heim

Hello Miel,


Did you check the renovation status of the walls and the renovation filter? 

yes, i did check this but i don't work with this tool so everything is made under the new circumstances


Gerry Leonor

did you turn on the Master Module layer?


you'll need to turn this on in your Layer Combinations too. it's one of those layers that we pretty much turn on in many, if not all, layer combinations...

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yes that layer is also on. I can see the walls and floors on the ground floor and first floor, but on the second floor and third floor the walls dissapear but the interior is visible.
I think that this has something to do with the different story settings between the main file and hotlink. the main file belongs to the first image with the story's of 2960. the hotlink file has story's with 5000. So my reasoning is that the cut plane is linked with the main file on the half of each story from the 2960. And that it cuts through the hotlink file. 



Is it possible to change this in some way that the cut plane of the main file is still the same and that the cut plane in the hotlink file is different?

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