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Registry Keys / EnablePvrFileHandlingFix

Akos Karoczkai


When exporting (publishing or uploading) a BIMx hypermodel, the publisher may not be able to save the 3D data of the hypermodel.


The problem is that either the user’s Operating System login name or the publishing pathcontains double byte characters (eg. japanese, chinese ).

About the Registry Key

<ARCHICAD>\Publisher\EnablePvrFileHandlingFix is a DWORD, which turns on the fixing of the issue in case it is set to 1 and turns off in case of 0
RegistryKey Name EnablePvrFileHandlingFix
Default value 0
Alternative value 1
Reference ID #TT197402
ARCHICAD version ARCHICAD 19 Update 2
  • After Starting ARCHICAD 19 at lease once then closing it
  • Open up the Start menu, choose or enter Run, then type regedit and Enter (more info on Registry here)
  • Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD (or) ARCHICAD-64\<ARCHICAD version>\Publisher
  • Open key with name:EnablePvrFileHandlingFix
  • the key should be REG_DWORD
  • on the key and set its value from 0 to 1, click OK
Mac OS X:
  • After Starting ARCHICAD 19 at lease once then closing it
  • ~/Library/Preferences/com.graphisoft.AC-<ARCHICAD version>.plist
  • Open it in Pref Setter or Xcode
  • Look for Dictionary with name Publisher
  • Open key with nameEnablePvrFileHandlingFix .
  • Set this key as Boolean and the value to true
  • Press cmd+S to save or Cmd+Q to leave the dialog and save the changes.
Note: This changing in Registry takes effect in the restarted ARCHICAD only.


More information about registry key settings: RegistryOrPreferences

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