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Registry key


Registry Keys / Slabs into the IFC Space Containment

Affected version(s): ARCHICAD 20 | Severity: workaround applicable | Issue Before the Space Containment didn't contain all the elements within the Zone. Cause It was important for the strategically significant german market to make the import of the ...

Registry Keys / ExportSlabsInSpaceContainment

Issue In IFC files exported from ARCHICAD the Space Containment doesn't contain slabs inside of a zone. This is important for Cost calculation software that are taking cost estimations from the ARCHICAD IFC imports. About the Registry Key RegistryKey...

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Registry key of Fastlogger size

Regarding to the issue TT #202274, the default size of Fastloggers have been raised from 100 MB to 500 MB. Although the exact size of Fastlogger files can be modified with a registry key. This is available since ARCHICAD 20 Update 4012. The regarding...

Registry Keys / Use AC18 Fill Drawing

Issue Panning and zooming in 2D Floor plan may be slower in AC19 and 20 than it was in AC18 with certain projects. The redrawing of fills have been moved from the rebuild phase to the redraw phase and it can be slower in certain projects. The workaro...


Registry Keys / EnablePvrFileHandlingFix

Issue When exporting (publishing or uploading) a BIMx hypermodel, the publisher may not be able to save the 3D data of the hypermodel. Cause The problem is that either the user’s Operating System login name or the publishing pathcontains double byte ...


Registry Keys / Extend Intel video card's memory

Hidden article. Issue "Display driver stopped responding" error message might come up in case of Intel HD video cards. Crash in Intel OpenGL driver while opening a plan. Cause The video card might run out of memory in case of files with huge textures...


Registry Keys / Hotlink Source Status Check

Issue If there are a lot of hotlinks, the checking of the Hotlink statuses may take a long time. With the disabling of the "Hotlink Source Status Check" registry key, the automatic checking (up-to-date/modified/missing/etc.) in the Hotlink Manager wi...


Registry Keys / AlertCustomDimDeleted

Issue In Teamwork projects sometimes, the Custom text of certain dimensions jumped back to Measured Value without the user knowing or intending to change it. Turning on this registry key, Archicad will pop up error messages whem this phenomenon occur...

wp-content_uploads_2015_06_custom-dimension-revert-error.png wp-content_uploads_2015_06_AlertCustomDimDeleted.png

RegistryKeys / IsDetailedSectionRebuildLogEnabled

Hidden article. Issue The log files didn't contain the required information needed for the further investigation of bug #184960. Solution Set the registry key the following way to enable the logging regards to Section Rebuild: About the Registry Key ...

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