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Corrupted Education or Trial version license file in ARCHICAD 18

Emoke Csikos


EDU or Trial users of ARCHICAD 18 may get this error message when launching ARCHICAD after renewing their license:


The education or trial version license file got corrupted during the license renewal process due to a problem related to Java update.


  1. Uninstall then reinstall ARCHICAD with the new serial number
  2. If solution #1 does not help, contact your local support at
NOTE: This problem is fixed in update build 6000 of ARCHICAD 18. Attention! Due to another bug it can happen that ARCHICAD Education License dialogue gets stuck, the user cannot leave it and it will not disappear either. In this case the user has to shut down ARCHICAD for example from Activity Monitor, then restart it manually. Now ARCHICAD will run with no problem with the renewed license file. This phenomenon is platform independent while the original problem occurs only on Macintosh platform. This problem is also fixed in update build 6000 of ARCHICAD 18.

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