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Convert CodeMeter Hardware key to HID

CodeMeter hardware license keys shipped by GRAPHISOFT before 2018 are using KEXT 3G (Kernel Extension) as a default for communication with the CodeMeter Driver. With the release of macOS 10.13, Apple introduced a strict policy where 3rd party USB dev...

License Borrowing

GRAPHISOFT strongly recommends to use the latest CodeMeter driver on all computers where license borrowing is used. To download the latest GRAPHISOFT tested driver visit: The License Borrowing f...

CodeMeter key conversion to HID mode failed

This article is intended to help troubleshoot an unsuccessful CodeMeter Hardware Protection key conversion process. If you are presented with an error at the end of the CodeMeter key Updating process, then some parts of the conversion were not succes...

Limited Borrowing Duration by default

Affected version(s): ARCHICAD 20, ARCHICAD 19| Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 222311 Issue Default Borrowing Duration might be reduced to 2880 minutes (2 days) if the CodeMeter driver of the server computer is different from the client machine...

CodeMeter server setup guide

In case you would like to use network licenses (e.g. instead of single licenses) first you need a CodeMeter hardware key or software key. Contact your local GRAPHISOFT partner to order one or to exchange your existing single key(s). About the availab...

CodeMeter over the Internet

Running a CodeMeter network server - accessible over the Internet - may be useful if an office has more subsidiaries or a large number of workers working from home. With this solution they can use a central license key. The Wibu version of this artic...

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