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Convert CodeMeter Hardware key to HID

CodeMeter hardware license keys shipped by GRAPHISOFT before 2018 are using KEXT 3G (Kernel Extension) as a default for communication with the CodeMeter Driver. With the release of macOS 10.13, Apple introduced a strict policy where 3rd party USB dev...


Free Twinmotion license can be requested only if your GRAPHISOFT ID is connected to an ARCHICAD license. The connection can be established with ARCHICAD 19 or newer version. Please follow the below steps: 1. Open ARCHICAD, and in the Help > License I...

Connecter ID de GRAPHISOFT à licence

Vous ne pouvez demander une licence Twinmotion gratuite que si votre licence ARCHICAD est liée à votre ID de GRAPHISOFT. La connexion peut être établie avec ARCHICAD 19 ou antérieure. Veuillez suivre les pas ci-dessous : 1. Ouvrez ARCHICAD, allez au ...

Conectar una ID de GRAPHISOFT con Licencia

Solo puede solicitar una licencia gratuita de Twinmotion si su ID de GRAPHISOFT está conectada a una licencia de ARCHICAD. La conexión puede ser establecida con la versión de ARCHICAD 19 o posterior. Siga los siguientes pasos: 1. Abra ARCHICAD, y en ...

Automatic License Update

License Activation Starting with ARCHICAD 22, you can easily get your license activated/updated by starting an installed ARCHICAD 22, this way it gives you a more seamless experience with your license. When you start ARCHICAD 22 after successful inst...

apolgar by Graphisoft

License Borrowing

GRAPHISOFT strongly recommends to use the latest CodeMeter driver on all computers where license borrowing is used. To download the latest GRAPHISOFT tested driver visit: The License Borrowing f...

CodeMeter key conversion to HID mode failed

This article is intended to help troubleshoot an unsuccessful CodeMeter Hardware Protection key conversion process. If you are presented with an error at the end of the CodeMeter key Updating process, then some parts of the conversion were not succes...

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