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Graphics Cards Issues and Troubleshooting

Cross platform issues Archicad crashes with integrated Intel HD4600 graphics card on UHD monitor resolutions Issue Archicad may crash at some point while working on integrated Intel HD4600 graphics card with UHD resolutions. Cause The crash may eithe...

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Graphics Cards

Recommended Graphics Cards for GRAPHISOFT products : Recommended Graphics Cards for ARCHICAD 24Recommended Graphics Cards for ARCHICAD 23Recommended Graphics Cards for ARCHICAD 22 Recommended Video Cards for ARCHICAD 21Recommended Video Cards for ARC...

Recommended Video Cards for ARCHICAD 21

Windows Specific Recommendations OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card with on board memory of 1024 MB or more is recommended to fully exploit hardware acceleration capabilities. We do not recommend the following video cards: NVidia Quadro FX and Quadr...

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