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About WibuKey protection

Basic ideas WibuKey is a hardware protection key for ARCHICAD and other Graphisoft products. It has been used for ARCHICAD since version 7.0. Since ARCHICAD 13, both WibuKey and CodeMeter keys are available for ARCHICAD. From ARCHICAD 19 on only Code...

Managing users with WibuKey Server

This article describes, how to manage user access to multiple WIBU NET keys present in the Network Client side - specify network server The servers can be set from the client side in the WIBU control panel in the Network page in the WkLAN Server sear...

WibuKey Server

Compatibility Please note that ARCHICAD 19 does not support Wibu key protection, ARCHICAD 18 was the last version which can be run with Wibu keys. WibuKeys are backwards compatible. That is, a WibuKey programmed for ARCHICAD 16 can run previous versi...

WibuKey Troubleshooting Guide

Slow Wibu Keyserver Operation Issue: When trying to access the keys from windows 8.1 to an OSx server, the wibu keyserver is SLOW The above slowness only happens with wibu driver 6.20 ARCHICAD 18 4007 JPN Full and SOLO ARCHICAD 18 4006 INT Full and S...

WIBU Key not found for ARCHICAD 7, 8 and 9

Issue On OS X 10.6 Launching AC 7, 8, or 9 Warning message appears, "No WIBU-KEY driver found. (501)”, ARCHICAD cannot be launched. Cause Wibu key driver 6.00e was installed on that machine during the installation of ARCHICAD 16. This driver cannot r...

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Limitation Of Ports That Wibu Scans

KarlOttenstein's tip on using the WIBU -Key Control Panel! "(...) The sometimes considerable delay while ARCHICAD is starting is actually the WIBU protection key driver searching all ports for the key. You can change things so that only the proper po...

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