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8.1 Installation - US

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I just received my 8.1 upgrade. The installation instructions include instructions to "After restarting your MAC, plug in the USB hardware key".

This is contrary to all earlier instructions (AC7 & AC8) to never, ever, ever insert or remove the key when the computer is on Is ArchiCAD trying to fry all our keys? Or did they tell the new guy to write the installation instructions?

I followed the old admonitions, and I suggest all others to do likewise.

Ben Odonnell
Very wise of you. I wouldn't be pulling out and in while my machine was on..
Ben O'Donnell
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Ben wrote:
Very wise of you. I wouldn't be pulling out and in while my machine was on..
Depends on the lubricant ... oops!

As a person who burned three motherboards in two days, and innumenrable controllers and so on, I should keep quiet. BUT - USB dongles are much less prone to burnouts than the PC type LPT ones, especially as usually the printers were connected on the other end.

The reason here are the drivers. I for example had three off days because of uninstallation on one beta version, and I was stupid enough to realize that I should install and restart WITHOUT the key in, THEN plug it in so that the driver installation can continue.


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Karl Ottenstein
Wonder if this is Mac folklore or fact about not plugging in or unplugging USB devices when the power is on?

On a PC, one should not connect/disconnect video, serial, or parallel (printer) port cables when the power is on ... but USB is designed for hot connections and autodetection. The only USB devices that require attention are those that XP or W2000 show in the device tray icon as having to be 'stopped' before disconnection - removable drives, for example.

I've been hot plugging the USB protection key in various machines regularly without smoke....

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Ben Odonnell
Depends on the lubricant ... oops!
I was just waiting for some one to bite.. I'm sooo happy it was you Djordje .

We have had problems with users hot pluging USB keyplugs.
I do understand that this is a feature of USB, hot pluging that is, we haven't had many problems but beware!!! problems can occur with hot pluging .


Ben O'Donnell
Architect and CTO at BIMobject®
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Peter wrote:
I just received my 8.1 upgrade. "..

great news! glad to know v8.1 has cleared customs!
btw, occasionally i need to use my ac8 key usb port to sync my palm phone. no problems, yet. ac just lets me know it's missing. usbs are "hot swapable", on pcs. is it not so w/ macs?
tim hanagan
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I have been hot-swapping USB & Firewire devices freely since they arrived on Macs & PCs with no problems. I just took the makers at their word. So far so good. (Guess I should keep my fingers crossed.) Funny thing recently was the serious Firewire problem (now fixed?) on the new Mac OS 10.3 where NOT hot-swapping (ie. leaving FW hard drives plugged in) caused serious problems.

i do have problems 'pulling out' too quickly (!) sometimes. sends it into a beachball-of-death spin.

but absolutely no problems plugging in anytime.

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I just got an EMail from Graphisoft.

Peter, the wibu key is hot swappable. The old read me guide was not updated
until recently.

Swap away!

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