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AC 11 Mac Plotting to HP 1055CM

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Is anyone else having problems plotting in AC 11?

We have an office full of macs plotting (not printing) to a pair of HP designjet 1055CM. When we try to plot multiple drawings, the plt files go into the system printer queue instead of going directly to the plotter's jet direct port, and then never make it out to the plotter. We never had any trouble until we updated to AC 11.

Yes yes, we still have plotflow and can run the work around, but it seems like Graphisoft really screwed up big on this one and we're paying for it!! It makes me crazy that the price of the program has gone thru the roof and bug like this can go unresolved for so many months!
Is anyone else having these plotting problems????

Claudio Lima
hi !

i'm having such a similar problem...!
the plotter just don't' print or is always receiving.
there are also some printings of error caracters...

as anyone having this problem ?

since ARCHICAD 3.42 to ARCHICAD 25

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If you've got an HP Plotter, HP provided a fix for us that might work for you. Make sure you have the latest driver installed. Then, add your printer as an IP printer in the system preferences. Use the LPD protocol, and for the Queue, type in BINPS

That seemed to work for us.

Also, we've found that sending a plot and a print to it at the same time will result in everything else being garbage. That requires leaving it unplugged for five minutes or so until all of the power drains away.

Good luck!

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