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AC 16 Hotlink issue

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Hi all

I'm having issues with my master file after changing the hotlink file. After linking to the new hotlink I see everything in the Plan Window of the master file but see only random elements (about 10% of the model) in the 3D window. I have since completely deleted the hotlinks (all 60 or so stories of individual hotlinks) and started to re-insert the hotlink (which by the way works perfectly fine on its own) but I still get the same problem - a scrambled mess in the 3D window.

Note that the hotlink has the exact same setup as the previous hotlink with some deisgn changes being the only difference between the new and old versions. It has the same setup, i.e. stories, libraries, attributes, etc. as the old file.

How can I re-introduce the hotlinks so that they do not appear corrupted in the master file? I'm not even sure if it IS the master or root file that is causing the problem. Any insight is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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