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AC 25 INT (4013) vs. AC 25 NOR (3011)

Csaba Gabor



I have an issue regarding different type of Archicad versions when it comes to Teamwork. 

I have recently purchased an AC 25 INT version which has the latest Build, also 4013. 

I collaborate with a company which uses the AC 25 NOR version with the 3011 Build and the problem starts when we will access the same project in Teamwork. Because of different Build versions is not possible to work on the same file. 

Is there a way to resolve this issue or we have to wait until the 4013 NOR versions will be launched? 

Can eventually my INT version lisens switched to NOR version? 

It is important to solve this issue as quick is possible because my lisens is actually not usable this way, which means wasted money. 


Thanks in advance for your answer!


Best regards, 



Barry Kelly

You could downgrade to version 3011 but I would not recommend this unless you really have to.

There is a rather serious bug that increases file size that has been fixed in 4013.

EDIT: actually update 3011 fixed the file size bug as well.


I don't know for sure, but I would hope it is not long before the NOR build 4013 is released.

So hang on for that if you can - maybe contact the local NOR distributor to find out when it might be.


You would have to contact your distributor to find out if you can run bot INT and NOR on the same license.

Or you could just install the NOR version and see if you can run it with your INT license.

If you can great, if you can't, you will have to get your license swapped - it may involve a fee.



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Just grab the old INT version.

Windows or Mac

and then apply the 3011 update from the Update Website. Just click More updates and download 3011 for your platform.


LE: I recall i installed the GER version with my INT license a couple times to "steal" the telescopic doors from their library. I think AC licenses are language universal.

macOS Big Sur

Csaba Gabor

Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately the NOR version doesn't run with the INT licence, but the INT version does with the NOR licence...strange. 

The solution was to download the first AC25 version and to update it to the 3011. Next time I have to wait until my colleagues update their NOR versions and update mine at the same time. 




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