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AC22 - OpenGL is not available

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I have a question
When I try change vector mechanism to OpenGL - I have message:
"OpenGL 3D display engine is not available".
What's wrong?
I have new laptop Lenovo Y530 with GF1050 and last drivers for this card.
May be someone have the same?
May be someone know what should I do ?

Have you checked that OpenGL itself is upto date?


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Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

You should see this error if your graphics card doesn't support the latest version of openGL, but the GTX 1050 should be more than fine.

Have you checked if you get the same error in ARCHICAD 21?
Could You install the GeForce Experience App, and see if it recommends any Driver Updates?

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Hi, I had a similar problem.
I have updated the drivers of video card, and then It is ok!

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I had the same problem on AC23 (Windows 10), where I have an older Intel Xeon w built-in P3000 graphics, and a discrete Nvidia gtx670, running 2 monitors each (4 in total). The P3000 only supported up to OpenGL 3.1, whereas AC23 needed min. OpenGL 3.1. GTX670 supported OpenGL 4.6
I updated all drivers. I set app-specific settings for Archicad.exe in Nvidia Control Panel. But nothing seemed to work!
{I found the free utility "GPU_Caps_Viewer" useful, to tell me that the GTX670 was not my "Default OpenGL GPU"}
After some experimenting, I found that setting the "Main Monitor" in the "Windows Display Settings" dialog to one of the Nvidia-connected monitors finally did the trick. ( I did have to change some cabling around after that, to restore my favoured physical monitor position of my "main monitor")

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