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After 24 years, I'm finally converted!!!

A new MacBook Pro slumbers quietly on my desk. The soft white light pulsing as if in a restful sleep, soothing my nerves as I venture farther and deeper into this unfamiliar but strangely comfortable new world.

After only a couple of hours, I had this machine onto my network, software updated, ArchiCAD11 loaded & updated, libraries updated, files transfered and an AC project up and flying faster than my fastest PC desktop. I am now preparing to really put it through it's paces with a major AC and Artlantis presentation (if Abvent's site gets revived). Had I bought a new Vista machine, I would still be trying to dump all the pre-loaded junk and worrying about when the next service pack will arrive.

I know there will be some issues and some sort of learning curve, but so far, WOW is all I can say! Also, THANK YOU to all of you who contribute to this forum. Sharing your experiences, good and bad, is extremely helpful. I would not have made this decision without this forum.

The MacBook Pro also came with a surprise bonus!...
My kids now think I'm cool!

Pete Read
ArchiCAD 12; Artlantis Studio 2
MacBook Pro 2.4 Core2Duo, 2GB, OSX(10.5) and XPpro(SP3)

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Congrats Pete!

You have many new surprizes ahead of you once you fully explore the iLife, iWork apps and how they can push the presentation work out the door with style. Also remember that QuickTime Pro is the swiss army knife of multimedia apps, it is a small additional fee.

Rick Thompson

You might want to frequently check in at I just picked up something I didn't notice when I first installed Leopard.. Quick Look. All you need to do is have a file/image/pdf... whatever selected and hit the spacebar. If it is something like a PDF you can view it without opening a program. Even stuff in the trash. Very nice. Macworld has pointers like that all the time.

I gave all my kids (one at a time) Macbooks, however despite the cool factor, one of them just went to work for Dell (although I am thrilled for him, he's off the streets.. I think).
Rick Thompson

Mac Monterey AC 25
iMac 3.4GHz Quad i5 24 GB w/SSD Monterey

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