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ArchiCAD goes non responsive, possible bug?

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This is the second time it has occurred, so I've decided to post it here.

So here's what happened: Both times, I was just doing regular editing here and there, all went well, until I came across this little group of 2D images

I saved together as one object. It's basically the bottom plate of my wall. See attached image. The problem is, the plate occupies the complete bottom of the wall ( I'm lazy to create a complex profile, and since I only need to display it in detail I didn't model it in 3D ), but in the picture you can see that the insulation seems to be put inside the wall.

I decided to fix this by adding a white fill. Since I'll be using this plate on other detail drawings, I saved the white fill and the bottom plate as a new object. After doing so, I placed it on my drawing.

All seems ok... until I click on 'Object' again... the computer was totally stuck...Ctrl-Alt-Delete did nothing, restarting the computer was the only option.

But... I just want to know... why what how is it that a white fill and some 2d objects have such a great effect? The auto saved file also cannot be opened, I had to use the bpn file. Wasted about two hours of my time. Any ideas?


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