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Archicad 19- Wrong Scale and Launching New Sessions

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when I save something in 19 and send it to someone with an older version it always changes the scale. It use to never do that when I was on an older version. Does anyone know if there is a setting or something that I am doing wrong? Also since I upgraded to 19 I can no longer open multiple sessions of archicad. I am using a mac now so not sure if those are the reasons I am having problems.


I'm a Windows user and I'm not having any problems with the scale of old version drawings.
But when I try to open a second drawing in ArchiCAD 19, even when I select 'Launch a new instance of ArchiCAD' nothing happens.
I can only open a second drawing when I startup ArchiCAD 19 again.
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Katalin Borszeki
Hi, please consult this Helpcenter link!
Katalin Borszeki
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GRAPHISOFT - the ArchiCAD knowledge base

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Thanks Katalin

I was having the same issue launching new instances an this looks like it has resolved the issue.

Eduardo Rolon
Edited the title of the post to something more specific.
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