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Archicad 23 wont open on Microsoft Surface 16 GB i7.

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I have a problem using Archicad 23. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 16 GB ram, Intel i7 6650U, 512 GB memory, Intel Iris 540 graphics and Archicad 23 with student license. When i open the software and the new project window appears, i click on new project and 50% of the time it stays loadind and nothing happens, i have to use the task manager to close it and try again untill it works, if it works. The other problem is that every time i try to close Archicad, it just stays loadindg with a gray background and i have to use the task manager again to close it. Beside this two problems, the software runns perfectly fine.
If someone knows what is happening i would be very thankull.

Karl Ottenstein
I've moved your post to the Hardware forum and deleted the duplicate. Please post any question just once in what seems like the most appropriate subforum 🙂

A similar report from April was caused by a printer driver issue and was resolved by a Preferences Cleaning:
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Barry Kelly
It could also be the Intel Iris 540 graphics.
I am not a 'techie', but if this is an built-in video card (i.e. not a separate dedicated card) then this could be the issue.
Archicad does not really like built in cards.
You could try ensuring your graphic drivers are up to date.


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