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Archicad 24 PL needed



The company I work for uses the Archicad 24 - polish version. Currently I'm on my home office with another PC, and I cannot find anywhere the instalation file for Archicad 24 PL, only INT or updates for polish version. I have access to the company license pool and I downloaded GS license manager tool. Where can I find the Archicad 24 PL instalation file?

Or maybe there's another way to fix this weird-font-bug (and probably another upcoming)?


Karl Ottenstein

The font issue should have nothing to do with what localized verson you are running (PL vs INT).  ARCHICAD neither includes nor installs any fonts... the fonts are whatever are on the system.  My guess is that your office has installed some unique fonts that do not exist on your home computer.


Hopefully someone else can give you a link to download the PL version though.  But, if you know your office's IT person, they would have the link that was given to them for the download and it might be fastest to contact them if nobody responds here.


In principal, the only difference between the INT and PL versions would be the interface language and the default library.   Click on one of the strange bold text items in your screenshot and read the font name from the Info Box or Settings dialog.  If it is in square brackets like [fontname] then it means that the font does not exist on your computer and ARCHICAD is just using some random other font.


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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

In case you still need the Polish version, here is the download page:


You can select the incorrect text and check if the name of the font is in brackets, these characters: [ ]

If it is, it means that the font is not found on your system so Archicad substitutes it with another font.

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