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Archicad 25 Freezing Windows 10




I have Archicad 25 in Portuguese with the 4030 version. Working on some projects, small or big one, the program freezes and not responding. The only way to get back to normal is close the process on task manager. 


Anybody has the same problem? If yes, what are the solution to this?


Thank you



Does this happen on an already open project file? During which operations? You should give some more details on what might be causing the problem. Also you should state some info on your hardware like most do in their signature. 

Archicad 4.55 - 25 | HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Nvidia Quadro M5000 @ Windows 10 Pro x64



This is a random behavior, nothing in specific. Sometime I'm just scrolling my project and it freezes. 


My hardware are:

Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core 3.8ghz
32gb RAM

Windows 10

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070


Best regards


Please tell me you have disabled or uninstalled the GEforce Experience program.

That has caused problems in the past (it does nothing for Archicad anyway).

I don't know if that may cause your problems, but I would try disabling it if it is running.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Dell Precision 3510 - i7 6820HQ @ 2.70GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro W5130M, Windows 10

Changing the graphics driver is something I would also suggest. I also had a problem with the latest Nvidia drivers on my HP Z840 & Quadro M5000. Nothing Archicad related, as the Workstation on every boot rebooted once again by itself. Analyzing the Event Viewer in Windows & some research on the web hinted it might be the graphics driver. Resetting the driver from the current one to the one HP had on it's driver page solved it. 

Archicad 4.55 - 25 | HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Nvidia Quadro M5000 @ Windows 10 Pro x64

I have also did that now and the problem persists. My machine has the right components in terms of hardware. 

I have already disabled and the issue persists. Also We have another machine with the same hardware that has the issue and don't have the geforce experience installed. 

Identical hardware on two computers, different project files, same problem. The only difference is, as you said, the graphics driver.

Do you have any chance to test one of the crashing project files on a different hardware computer (with another graphic card)? I never used the GeForce RTX 3070, but I remember reading that some GeForce RTX series drivers can cause a lot of crashes. I'd suggest you uninstall this drivers using DDU, restart the computer and let Windows load the graphic driver.

Archicad 4.55 - 25 | HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Nvidia Quadro M5000 @ Windows 10 Pro x64

Thank you Miha_M. I don't have the skills to do that and I'm affraid of unistall something important. xD 

Is there another solution or I have really to uninstall the drivers?

Is it possible that my machine doesn't have enought RAM?


This was just a suggestion as there could be other possible reasons that might cause this problem. As said, to rule out a possible corrupt file or installation you could try the same crashing file on some other hardware configuration. If you don't have that chance I'd suggest you call your local Graphisoft representative who will likely manage to help you out.

Archicad 4.55 - 25 | HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Nvidia Quadro M5000 @ Windows 10 Pro x64

Thank you Miha_M. I already call my local representative and some expert will come to see whats happening. Have a nice weekend. 


If the problem will be solved I will come back with the solution.


Best regards

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