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Archicad 26 performance


Hello Graphisoft

Since starting to work with Archicad 26 INT official release, I noticed a considerable drop in overall performance.

Compared to Archicad 25:

  • Archicad takes longer to load
  • loading project files takes longer
  • opening 3D Window, Sections, Elevations, Interior Elevations & 3D Documents takes longer to load (all 3D rebuild operations)
  • updating Drawing Views on Layouts takes longer

I experienced a LOT of 

  • Error message: "you don't have enough memory to complete this operation"
  • Archicad 26 crashes and/or freezes (requires force quit)
  • because of these crashes I regularly do Preference Cleaning and Open with Repair on the .PLN files

I generally always have Windows Explorer & Google Chrome open (G-Email, G-Calendar, G-Drive & other web pages loaded) along with web call & chat apps (ie. Telegram, Discord & MS-Teams. I always quit Zoom app after use, it's a real drain and grabs a lot of internet bandwidth in the background even when not in use). I use Google Earth Pro app a lot so it usually is open too. Other apps only loaded when needed.


My main computer is an ASUS-G703VR laptop with Windows 10 Home v21H1 operating system

Processor: Intel 6 Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (3.91GHz realtime)
Memory: 32,0 GB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM


Looking for the cause I started noticing in Task Manager that Archicad 26 draws a LOT of system resources (refer image)

AC26 compared to AC25 system resources on Windows 10 (42.2MB template file).png


In this screenshot you can see both Archicad 25 (blue) & 26 (red) system load. In both versions I loaded my template (42.2MB) which are exactly the same setup with linked Libraries (nearly nothing in Embedded), Attributes, View Map, Layout Book & Publisher, Classifications & Properties... all the same, and no model in the file yet. There is a huge difference! Why?


Is anyone else experiencing the same issues? Any insights / advice on how to get Archicad 26 back to Archicad 25/24 performance levels?

Francois Swanepoel

Hiking, Motorbiking, Good food, Gr8! Beer & excellent conversation 😉 - Architecture - BIM Implementation - ArchiCAD Training - LiDAR Digital Survey - Scan2BIM As-Built - Property Compliance - Virtual Reality Capture, Render Studio & Matterport Service Partner

Daniel Pataki

Can more users confirm similar issues? I havent experienced the same problem by migrating my template... Just wondering, why are your template filenames completely different?

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