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Archicad Depressed

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Some changes to Archicad 13 make it less intuitive or just drop out some functions that I thought worked pretty well & certainly very little improvement in the library packages which were created 20 years ago and still look it. Why can't we get a decent window package with more flexibility. Still the same old tired TVs etc. I'm surprised they don't have a model for a MAC SE in the drawing file.

What's the extra 2000 buck for?

Karl Ottenstein
Kind of confused ... AC 13 was released 3 years ago - any complaints about it, rather than 15, will fall on deaf ears at Graphisoft ...

True, the library has had only incremental improvements - and most furniture, appliances, etc haven't changed in 10 years and do seem pretty dated / primitive.

But, the upgrade pricing is for all features, of which lib improvements are few. In another of your posts, you indicate you are moving up from 9 which is a big jump in features. Review the new features in 10, 11, 12 and 13 on this page:

realizing that the listed features are not all of the new features and bug fixes. THAT's what you're paying $2,000 for ... Presumably you actually just upgraded to 15, so including the 14 and 15 features into the mix, the $2,000 is a bargain. The learning curve moving from 9 on the other hand will be huge. Folks are here to help you.


PS If you've paid $2,000 for an upgrade from 9, you must have been given 15? My reseller's price for upgrades to 15 from version 6 though 10 is $2,690 including 1 year of ArchiPLUS subscription (which is $695 alone). Or had you upgraded a few years ago and are only now just trying 13 out?
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