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Archicad and files on separate HDD partitions?

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Hi all,

I am currently in the process of cleaning up and reorganising my PC.
I'm using a Dell XPS 15, running windows 10 with a 1TB hard drive.

Currently, everything is saved to the C Drive, but my understanding is that I should be creating a separate parition on my hard drive for all my data, so that I will have one partition (C) for the windows operating system, apps and programs, then another partition for archicad files, documents, photos, videos, music etc.

Is this best practice? Are there any advantages/disadvantages from having archicad reading files from a different partition to the one it is operating on? Where do most of you store your archicad files?

Any input is appreciated

Yes, best practice is to use another logical partition or drive to store your files.
There are no disadvantages, only advantages when backing up or in a chance of a failure

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