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Archicad22 to download



can someone  explain to me how to download Archicad 22. On my personal page I can download only Archicad25, I don't need it. As well as, receiving a student license for 22 second version. I browsed all the Graphisoft website, and couldnt dowload it ! Insane! In addition trying to call or write email to ArchiImage- my named local contacter by +36 1 453 0322 and, their number and email are simply don't exist. Please, Graphisoft, it'a shame these simple tasks I cannot figure out how to do on your website, and your contacts are not updated. I hope, to receive an answer at least here.


Barry Kelly

I can't help you with the contact details.

Or you student license.

Can you get a student license for an older version?

I am not sure if a student license works for all versions like the commercial license does - I am not eligible for a student license so I can't test.


But to download 22 ...


You can use this link for any version (back to about 18).

Just change the version number and language ID to what ever you need.

I have assumed you are after the HUNgarian version.


I don't know why it is so hard to find older versions of Archicad on the Graphisoft website either.


I think MyArchicad only allows the current version and any you may have downloaded before.





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