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Archiforma extrusions, surfaces, shells…

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I think a nice improvement of Archiforma extrusions and tubes could be to have the possibility of resizing the PROFILE, by % for example.
I made a simple tube with a round 35 mm profile and had to resize it to 30 mm, but of course after visualization of the whole model (and many duplications of my tube). This is a very ordinary process in modeling, right?
I did it by dragging the 4 hotspots of my profile hatching in the edit mode but it is not that easy. And of course, I was unable to paste the new dimensions to others tube (without creating an object).
More generally speaking (and maybe limited by GDL possibilities) about extrusion, a good modeler should be able to generate a solid by linking a 3d closed profile (polyline) to another 3d closed profile.
Finally, what the real utility of theses 3d surfaces (Coons) in architecture (except basic visualization)? Can't we have something SOLID with a THICKNESS , at least a converter tool (like mesh) to generate a complex triangulated roof? Some kind of primitive shell…no nurbs I know…
Best regards

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what do you think Fabrizio?
use of 3d surfaces cs solid shells?

Fabrizio Diodati
We are working on a new tool that provide the user with... let me call it a "Nurbs simulation".
The good news is that it use a technology (I mean a GDL description) which result will be a solid shape, that means more flexibility ad a lot of possibilities...


P.S. ArchiForma 3.0 development still didn't start but the wish list is still there...
Fabrizio Diodati

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phone: +39 041 8943500 | Skype: fabrizio.diodati |


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